German Activist Michael Stürzenberger Stabbed, Mannheim, Germany

At approximately 0544 EST, initial reports indicated that a suspect had been shot by German police at a political demonstration of the Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa in Mannheim, Germany. The suspect, a young man that has been described as a “migrant” by eyewitnesses, attacked three political demonstrators, and then stabbed a police officer before being shot and killed by an armed officer. The video can be found here.

Still from video of the attack on X

By 0700 EST, Bild confirmed that German activist Michael Stürzenberger had been stabbed and was in surgery following the aforementioned knife attack. At least two other persons had been injured in the attack. 

Michael Stürzenberger is a German right-wing activist and blogger. He was the leader of the German Freedom Party from 2013 to 2016 and has been active for many years with his anti-Jihad public speaking and protests with groups such as the Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa and Pegida. He has been issued multiple fines for comparing Jihadists to Nazis, which is a crime in Germany.

Michael Stürzenberger in 2018. Credit: Tetzemann (Wiki)

If the attacker is confirmed to be a radical Muslim, this will undoubtedly fuel the victim’s arguments and racial tensions in Germany.