Hamas Acknowledges Biden’s Speech and Proposal

Hamas’ mouthpiece website has responded to U.S President Biden’s recent statement about a temporary ceasefire proposal that he said was put forward and approved by Israel. The post appears to be an acknowledgment of the proposal, while reiterating their goals.

“The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas views positively what was included in US President Joe Biden’s speech today, 05/31/2024, in his call for a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, reconstruction, and an exchange of prisoners. We consider this American position and the conviction that has been established on the regional and international scene The necessity of putting an end to the war on Gaza is the result of the legendary steadfastness of our struggling people and their valiant resistance. 

The movement affirms its position of readiness to deal positively and constructively with any proposal based on a permanent ceasefire, complete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, reconstruction, the return of the displaced to all their places of residence, and the completion of a serious prisoner exchange deal if the occupation declares its explicit commitment to that.”