Chile to Intervene in South Africa v. Israel Genocide Case

Chile’s President, Gabriel Boric, has announced Chile’s intention to apply to intervene in South Africa’s case in the International Court of Justice against Israel, which accuses them of carrying out genocide in Gaza.

“I have decided that Chile will support the case presented by South Africa against Israel in the international court. I have instructed the foreign ministry to prepare a report with our arguments” -President Gabriel Boric

Notably, Chile has yet to file an official application to the ICJ in order to intervene.

Chile now grows a rapidly expanding list of countries who have intervened, or vowed to intervene, in the case. Several days ago, on May 28th, Mexico submitted a formal application in order to intervene. Earlier in May, Libya submitted a formal application to intervene, which followed Colombia’s application a month prior on April 5th, with several other countries, including Egypt, stating their intention to submit such an application.

Chile is home to the largest Palestinian diaspora outside of the Middle East, numbering approximately 500,000.