Israeli Border Police Kill Armed “Senior Wanted Man”, Nablus

At approximately 1030 EST, initial reports indicated that an attack was underway against IDF vehicles near the Balata Camp in the West Bank. By 1100 EST, the IDF had counterattacked on al-Quds Street and had engaged several militants.

By 1103 EST, initial reports showed the body of a man on the roof of a building. The pistol he was carrying can be seen next to the body. Armed Israeli police then remove the body and confiscate the firearm.

Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades published on its TG page that its fighters were engaged with the IDF, while Israeli press reported that the Israeli Border Police Shomron Division had killed a “senior wanted man”, reportedly the individual shown above. The IDF has not identified this man to the press.

By 1130 EST, Al-Jazeera reported that one person had been killed and eight others had been injured by the IDF operation.

This is developing.