Ukrainian HIMARS Destroy Russian Missile Launchers in Belgorod Says AFU Defense Official

The deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament’s committee on national security, defense, and intelligence confirmed that Ukrainian strikes took place on June 2nd had damaged and destroyed S-300 and S-400 missile launcher systems, which are used by Russia to target both aerial vehicles in an air defense capacity and ground locations in the form of indirect bombardment. He also said United States-sent HIMARS launchers had been utilized to carry out the strikes.

The chairman, Yehor Chernev, said that the launchers had been destroyed in the Belgorod region, around 20 miles inside Russia. This comes only five days after the Biden Administration greenlit the allowance to use U.S. systems operated by Ukrainian forces to strike inside the border region of Russia in Belgorod.

This decision was announced after Russian ground invasion forces reopened a northern offensive from the Belgorod region into the Kharkiv region in the northeast of Ukraine. An extended bombing campaign from multiple Russian missile strikes and directed drone waves carrying explosive payloads has left several dozen Ukrainian civilians killed and wounded, as well as electrical infrastructure partially destroyed in Kharkiv city and the surrounding area in the past few weeks.