Israel Added to UN List of “Countries that Kill Children”

According to Israel’s Channel 13, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has informed Israeli officials that Israel is being added to the UN’s “list of countries that kill children,” a part of a wider list of nations and groups that have perpetrated abuses against children during conflicts.

Israel has been added to this list, known as the “list of shame,” due to the war in Gaza.

Russia was added to this list last year for abuses perpetrated in Ukraine.

Israeli opposition leader, Yair Lapid, condemned the decision.

“Putting the State of Israel on the black list is a serious and baseless political step by the UN Secretary General, who has long since lost all moral direction. On October 7, over 1,400 innocent citizens, women and children, were murdered by terrorists Wretches who still hold young women and old people captive. The promiscuous government has lost all ability to stop Israel’s political deterioration. Only a sane government will be able to rebuild our international status and strengthen us abroad” -Yair Lapid

According to Channel 13, there is worry that the move could lead to potential sanctions against Israel.

Last year’s list may be viewed here.