Lions’ Den Responds to US Sanctions

The Lions’ Den, a West Bank Palestinian militant group based in Nablus, released a rare statement responding to sanctions implemented upon the group earlier today by the US State Department. The statement reads below:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
“And they planned and Allah planned, and they did not perceive it. So see what was the end of their plan: We destroyed them and their people, all of them.”
This is the truth of Allah Almighty.

A brief statement.

We say to America in response to the sanctions what Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said in his first words:
“Does the drowning man fear the wetness?”

We say in brief words to America and those under it, to the entity and those who assist them and support them:

We will be victorious, O America, we will be victorious. By Allah, even if Gog and Magog, the people of ‘Aad, and Pharaoh of the mighty structures fought alongside the entity, we will be victorious. And we will cross as they crossed, and the surprise will be greater than what minds can imagine, greater than what your minds, the minds of the entity, or the minds of the conspiring, submissive collaborators can imagine. And that is not far from Allah.

And we will see who besieges whom.

Your brothers, true to their promise,
The Lions’ Den Groups

Notably, this is the second statement that the Lions’ Den has issued since November, and only the tenth they have issued since October 7th, when the present Israel-Gaza War began with Hamas’ attack upon Israel.