Houthis Claim to Have Arrested “American-Israeli Spy Network” in Yemen

The Houthis claim to have arrested members of an “American-Israeli spy network” in Yemen that “has played espionage and subversive roles in official and unofficial institutions for decades for the enemy,” according to the Houthi media outlet al-Masirah.

The Houthis also claimed that “after the departure of the US embassy from Sana’a, the elements of the spy network continued to implement its subversive agendas under the cover of international and international organizations.”

“The spy network has for decades provided the CIA and the Israeli Mossad with critical, confidential and dangerous military and security information,” al-Masirah added.

This comes as 11 United Nations personnel and three members of the US-funded National Democratic Institute were arrested over the weekend by Houthi forces amid a crackdown of international organizations operating in the country. So far the Houthis have not accused those who were arrested as being part of this alleged spy network.