Elon Musk carries sink into Twitter HQ as he is set to take control of company Friday

In true troll fashion, Elon Musk walked into Twitter HQ yesterday while carrying a detached sink. The video of him doing this was then posted to his twitter with the caption, “Entering Twitter HQ ­– let that sink in!”



Musk is currently set to acquire Twitter this Friday as there is a court ordered deadline for the deal to go through by then. This appears to be the end of a very public back and forth that has seen Musk attempt to exit the deal which led to him being sued by Twitter to force his purchase of the company.

Now most know this is not an average business deal. There are many possible social implications surrounding Musk’s likely takeover of Twitter. Since social media has become one of the main areas of public discourse, many are curious if Twitter’s content moderation policies will change under Musk.

Social media moderation is something that is being debated more and more by politicians, journalists, celebrities, and well… anyone with a social media account. It is a topic that has made its way to the center of the “culture war” in America.

A Twitter headed by Musk could seriously alter modern public discourse. But, Musk has yet to publicly lay out any changes he may make once at the helm. So, it is only speculation for now.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
Formerly a resident of Iraqi Kurdistan during the Iraq war, now in the American south. European Division Desk Chief for Atlas News.


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