Canada Requests Boeing P-8 Bid for Surveillance Fleet

Canada Requests Boeing P-8 Bid for Surveillance Fleet


The Canadian government has announced it is expanding its Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft Project to replace it’s aging fleet of CP-140 Aurora aircraft. Public Services and Procurement Canada confirmed that it has issued a letter of request to the U.S. government about the Boeing P-8 aircraft. “With a view to exploring this option in more detail, Canada has recently submitted a Letter of Request through the United States government’s Foreign Military Sales program outlining Canada’s requirements and requesting an offer,” PSPC noted on its website.

“These requirements include up to 16 P-8A Poseidon aircraft and associated equipment and initial servicing, as well as access to intellectual property and technical data.”

This request does not end the open bidding set to begin in 2027, but it does signal that the Canadian government is leaning towards closer cooperation with the U.S. (as both leaders announced last week during Biden’s visit).

The PSPC stated that the request “does not commit Canada to purchasing the P-8A Poseidon and the project remains in Options Analysis. The final decision will be based on the capability offered, availability, pricing and benefits to Canadian industry.” So far, the primary competitor to Boeing is Bombardier, who is planning on entering the bidding competition with their Challenger series

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