Cockpit Combat Footage of Russian Attack Helicopter

Cockpit Combat Footage of Russian Attack Helicopter


This action filled video is reportedly of a Russian KA-52 attack helicopter engaging Ukrainian infantry positions around the airport in Hostomel on February 24th. This was when Russian forces attempted to take the airport and establish an airbridge to allow more Russian troops to flood in. The airport is located less than seven miles from Kyiv which made it a very attractive target for the Russian military as they attempted to quickly seize Ukraine. The initial assault by the Russians failed when their airborne troops briefly took the airport but were driven out the same day by Ukrainian forces. However, the Russians launched a counterattack with forces who invaded from Belarus and successfully captured the airport.

The video was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense and we also see the pilot dodging Ukrainian MANPADS before being eventually struck by one. The Russian MoD claims the crew then got their small arms for defense and waited for evacuation from another Russian helicopter strike group in the area. Note, the helicopter was also providing escort for a Russian MI-8 transport helicopter that was apparently full of airborne troops.


The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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