Missile Strike Targets Kyiv Mall that Russia Says was Storing Weapons

Missile Strike Targets Kyiv Mall that Russia Says was Storing Weapons


In the early hours of Monday morning, the Retroville Mall in northwestern Kyiv was struck by a Russian missile (likely an Iskander), causing heavy damage to the complex and reportedly killing eight people. While the attack was quickly condemned for targeting what is seemingly a civilian target, Russia’s Ministry of Defense came out to say that the mall had been abandoned and was being used to store weapons.


Russia’s Ministry of Defense also released drone footage of a Ukrainian BM-21 Grad MLRS being tracked from a firing position to the mall, where it appears to back itself under the “Sports Life” gym that is attached to the complex. The footage then shows the missile strike on the shopping center in the same spot the BM-21 was previously seen. Undated photos that began to appear on Twitter showed what looked to be several other military trucks stored under the gym. Its unclear if they are other BM-21s as the Ural-375 chassis is commonly used for an array of other purposes.


It is unclear if the eight deaths from the strike were civilian or military. The mall has in fact been closed since February 24, as stated in a post by the shopping center’s official Facebook page, meaning that there shouldn’t have been many people in the complex regardless of the time. The damage was quite extensive and I have not seen any identifiable vehicle debris in aftermath photos and videos from the scene that matches back to the photo above. One thing that stood out to me throughout this entire incident is the drone footage. This is because the drone was likely an Oral-10 and appeared to have no issue tracking weapons systems around the capital.

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