Multiple Explosions at Russian Airfield

Multiple Explosions at Russian Airfield


Russian Air defenses have been activated and explosions reported at Voronezh Malshevo airfield.

The base is home to the 47th Composite Guards Aviation Regiment which operates two squadrons of Sukhoi Su-34s (NATO: Fullback).

Atlas news has reported earlier explosions at Belgorod, much closer to the Ukrainian border.

Black smoke rising from Voronezh Airfield and what looks to be the smoke trail from an IR seeker-headed missile. Note the white trail, zig-zag pattern common with most scan methods of IR seekers and short range of the shot. Could be indicative of MANPADS or Tactical IR SAMs like the SA-9 and SA-13, however, those systems typically move with Russian ground troops not provide point defense to airfields.

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