Bulgaria Agrees to Bi-Lateral Economic and Military Support to Ukraine

Bulgaria Agrees to Bi-Lateral Economic and Military Support to Ukraine


Moments ago, Ukrainian President Zelensky met with Bulgarian Prime Minister Petkov in Kyiv. The two discussed a wide range of issues concerning the current Russian invasion which has ravaged not only Ukraine but also the economic and political relationships in Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria has faced a litany of economic issues ranging from a decrease in grain imports from Ukraine to gas and oil imports from Russia. However, after this meeting, it seems Petkov reached three key decisions: the first being that Ukraine, now a landlocked nation, can use the Bulgarian Port of Varna to sell and distribute grain products. The second is Bulgaria will not buy gas from Russia in Rubles. And the third is that Bulgaria will repair Ukrainian military equipment in exchange for electrical supply.


This cooperation, while not widely explained, represents the largest bilateral agreement between Ukraine and another European country with regard to buoying the Ukrainian economy. While the U.S. and U.K. have provided immense economic and military support, those have been deliveries, this agreement shows a developing relationship with could be viewed as Bulgarian involvement in the conflict.

PM Petkov had this to say:

”I want to thank you for the leadership role you have shown. Leadership not only for Ukraine but also for the free world. Ukraine will win this war and all democracies are behind you, there is no doubt that this is the only way out, Thank you for the discussion today. Bulgaria will be happy to facilitate the export of Ukrainian electricity to Bulgaria and the Balkans, which will give us a very good opportunity to have additional electricity and free capital. Bulgaria will be more than happy to have Varna as a logistics base and to distribute the grain that you cannot export through your ports.”, at today’s press conference.




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