Major Serhiy Volyna, 36th Separate Marine Brigade, Commanding, Has Finally Surrendered

Russian social media reported that Maj. Serhiy Volyna of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, the same unit as UK National Aiden Aslin, had surrendered about three hours ago. However, official footage confirming his captivity has just surfaced.

This announcement comes mere minutes after the Russian Defense Ministry claimed they have taken full control over the Azovstal Steel Plant and thus the entire city of Mariupol, giving President Putin a much needed victory. The Defense Ministry also claimed that about 2,000 soldiers have surrender in the past 24 hours. The approximate size of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade was estimated to be about 2,000 men, so it is possible Major Volyna’s surrender comes as one of the last remaining Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol. However it is not clear if the leadership of the Azov Battalion has surrendered, as they are currently on a “wanted-list”, from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Azov Battalion Commander Denys Prokopenko  posted this video to Telegram today.

“Glory to Ukraine! 86 days of the defense of Mariupol,” the commander of the regiment, Denys Prokopenko, said in a video posted to Telegram. “The senior military leadership has issued an order on saving the life and health of the garrison’s servicemen and termination of the defense of the city.” Svyatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Azov Regiment, posted a Telegram video in which he said there will be no surrender of Azov fighters.

The Russian Investigative Committee has openly stated that Azov fighters will be put to trial for crimes against the Donbass and are already interrogating Ukrainian troops transported throughout Donetsk after their surrender.


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