Russian Ground Forces Storm Lyman, Luhansk Oblast

Russian Ground Forces Storm Lyman, Luhansk Oblast


Sources on the ground are reporting that Russian Ground Forces, after nearly a three hour artillery barrage on Ukrainian defensive positions, have began a direct assault on the city, and have established a foothold. The video below, from reporter Neil Hauer is documenting the barrage against Ukrainian positions.



Reporters embedded with Ukrainian units are reporting that the encircled town houses anywhere from 500-1000 Ukrainian troops. The Ukrainian General Staff announced four days ago that Russian Ground Forces were gearing up to take the town from the direction of Izyum. By seizing this town, Russian Ground Forces will continue their attempted envelopment of a large section of Ukrainian troops near Kramatorsk, probably numbering around 15,000 in that pocket.

Understanding War’s Live Map of the current Donbass Offensive, showing a possible envelopment of Ukrainian troops.

Ukrainian troops reported last night that they were running low on air defense systems, especially MANPADs and “aircraft”. The public Telegram post did not specify if they meant tac-air assets or drones. But it is clear from these videos that Russian Ground Forces are making a concerted attempt to seize the town in order to facilitate their attempted envelopment of Ukrainian troops in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) area.


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