American FGM-148 Javelin Appears On Dark Web Marketplace

Users from Ukraine have posted several American made FGM-148 Javelins for sale on the Dark Web Marketplace, Thief Marketplace. The posting was made less than three hours ago and the seller advertised shipping available from Ukraine, specifically Kyiv. The seller is charging 30,000 USD for what seems to be just the tube. Unseen is the command Launch Unit, and it is unclear if there is a missile in the tube. A full ensemble of the Javelin usually goes for 206K USD, with the Command Launch Unit valued at around 120K USD and each missile at about 80K USD, so this posting is a steal.

Thief Marketplace posting for American Javelins.
Additional images posted by the seller.
Additional images posted by the seller.

The seller, @weapon_ukraine_big_sale also has several other American weapons systems ranging from Stinger MANPADS, Phoenix Ghost Drones, and smalls arms and ammunition. The United States has reportedly sent 5,500 Javelin tubes to Ukraine, and an unspecified number of command launch units which are needed for firing. The United States has reportedly sent 1/3 of its Javelin inventory to Ukraine in order to combat Russian tanks and other ground vehicles since the February 24th invasion.


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