North Korea Launches Projectile Into Sea of Japan

Update (2128 EST): South Korean military is now saying the North Koreans fire 8 short range ballistic missiles in this launch. Two weeks ago, the Hermit Kingdom fired a three missile salvo, this launch of eight is sure to bring a response from South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Update (2054 EST): South Korean media now reporting multiple ballistic missiles, similar to the May 24th launches.

Update (2029 EST): Japanese Ministry of Defense has confirmed the ballistic missile launch.

Update (2021 EST): North Korean Joints Chiefs of Staff confirms this is a ballistic missile launch. This is the 18th missile launch of this year and only two weeks after the groundbreaking triple missile launch which brought international condemnation and massive drills between the South Koreans, Americans, and Japanese.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff just announced a reported missile launch has just commenced from North Korea. The projectile is flying towards the Sea of Japan.

This is developing.

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