Estonia Accuses Russia of Border Violations and Simulating Missile Strikes on the Country

Estonia Accuses Russia of Border Violations and Simulating Missile Strikes on the Country


Estonia’s Ministry of Defense has accused Russia of “multiple border violations” involving aircraft  and “simulating missile attacks against Estonia (a NATO member),” prompting the summoning of the Russian ambassador.

Kusti Salm, permanent secretary at the Estonian Ministry of Defense, told reporters “This week there have been multiple border violations by helicopters… and also a lot of provocative behavior along the border. Apparently they are trying to create some sort of context ahead of the [NATO] summit [in Madrid],” per The Times Editor Larisa Brown.

“During the ongoing exercises, Russia is simulating missile attacks against Estonia. This is something that has become daily…This is the picture of the threat. It has never been as serious as it is now,” the minister added.

Estonia’s Foreign Ministry has responded to the incidents by stating “Estonia considers this an extremely serious and regrettable incident that undoubtedly causes additional tensions and is completely unacceptable.”

Russia has yet to make a response.

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