Russian Military Transport Crash, 9 Reported Aboard

Russian Military Transport Crash, 9 Reported Aboard


Update (2323 EST): Russian state owned media has reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense has identified an engine malfunction that has claimed the lives of now three service members and the hospitalization of six. The report reads: “During the training flight without cargo, due to an identified engine malfunction, the crew decided to land on the ground. The plane was partially destroyed when it came into contact with the ground”.

A Russian Air Force IL-76 or IL-78 transport has crashed outside of Ryazan, Russia. Local media reporting 9 were aboard and seven have been injured with emergency crews attempting to rescue two crewmen from the cabin. As of writing this article one military crew member has been confirmed killed.



The crash occurred about 20 minutes ago near Ulitsa Mikhaylovskoye Shosse just outside of Reyzan where the Dyagilevo air base is. The 203rd Independent Orel Air Regiment of Guards (Air Tankers) – operating the Il-78 and Il-78M are stationed there so this may be one of their aircraft.

This is  developing.


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