Missile Barrage Hammers Multiple Ukrainian Oblasts

Missile Barrage Hammers Multiple Ukrainian Oblasts


Missile strikes are being reported throughout Ukraine. Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzia, Kharkiv, and Ternopil Oblasts. Several pro-Ukrainian and Russian telegram accounts are also reporting a salvo of missiles from Naroulia, Belarus. Border tensions have sky-rocketed between the two nations in the past week as Belarusian mobilization near the Ukrainian border and increasingly hostile rhetoric has raised the likeliness of Belarus entering the war. These missiles were reportedly fired from Russian aircraft flying inside of Belarus.

Witnesses in Kyiv are reporting Ukrainian air defense systems have intercepted at least one missile above Kyiv an hour ago, but the strikes are ongoing.

There have also been explosions in Lyiv, indicating a nation wide strike, possibly carried out by the Kalibr capable vessels of the Black Sea Fleet that put to sea five days ago, reportedly with the intent to carry out a strike like this. After the destruction of a Russian oil platform in the Black Sea by Ukrainian surface missiles, Russian Presidential Spokesperson Peskov vowed a retaliatory strike on Ukrainian decision making centers.

It is not clear at this time which facilities have been hit or the number of casualties.

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