Sri Lankan President Denied Passage to India, United States

Former Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa has been redportedly attempting to leave the country for the last 24 hours. As this publication reported yesterday, rumors were swirling about his departure since a meeting with the tri-lateral security council of his Armed Forces.

However, today, as was reported by local media, the former President has been holed up at the private residence of Air Force Commander, Air Marshal Pathirana. He then proceeded to the Mattala Rajapaksa airport where he boarded an Air Force transport that has reportedly departed. However, prior to departing he attempted to be cleared to enter the U.S. but his passport had expired. The U.S. embassy in Sri Lanka then denied his request for a visa, prompting him to make preparations to go to India. Which local media reports the request being denied.

According the SBS, “the Indian government refused to allow a Sri Lankan air force AN32, carrying the president, to land at an Indian civilian airport”.

It is now unclear what the fate of the President, and his brother, the Finance Minister will be as they search for a way to leave the island.

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