First U.K. National Dies in Russian Custody

First U.K. National Dies in Russian Custody


In a propagandized press release from the Self Declared Donetsk People’s Republic, UK aid worker Paul Urey has been declared dead.

DPR Ombudsman Morozova had this to say: “during the first medical examination in the DPR, Paul Ury was diagnosed with a number of chronic diseases. Among them are insulin-dependent diabetes, damage to the respiratory system, kidneys and a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, he was in a depressed psychological state due to indifference to his fate in his homeland.” His mother in the UK confirmed he was insulin dependent due to diabetes.

“International organizations, as well as official representatives of the UK (including the Foreign Office, the embassy in the Russian Federation, members of the British Parliament), were notified of the fact of the capture of Paul Ury. Also, at his request, the relevant information was transferred to foreign media. However, there was no reaction from the UK,” Morozova said.

This maltreatment of a person who obviously could not have fought in an active combat zone due to his health represents the haphazardness in which the DPR is approaching international relations, let alone the lack of concern for civilian lives, as has already been demonstrated by the slaughter of civilians throughout the Donbass.

The break away region is most likely in possession of dozens of foreign citizens, most of them fighters in the Ukrainian military. If they cannot show they can provide basic medical treatment to a diabetes patient they have illegally detained, it is doubtful nations other than international pariahs such as Syria and North Korea will ever recognize them an an independent nation.

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