Trilateral Meeting Between Turkey, Russia, and Iran Underway in Tehran

Trilateral Meeting Between Turkey, Russia, and Iran Underway in Tehran


Yesterday, President Erdogan arrived in Tehran and met with Iranian President Raisi and Supreme Leader Khamenei in bi-lateral meetings ahead of the arrival of President Putin 2 hours ago. The three countries are reported to discuss food shortages and security in the region, according to Iranian Foreign Minister Amirabdollahian. In the last 20 hours, Iran and Turkey reached a number of agreements.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry commented that it understands Turkeys concerns, but opposes the security buffer zone it is preparing to establish through re-invasion of Northern Syria. The Supreme Leader confirmed this by telling President Erdogan that military action would harm the region and Turkey. He also told Erdogan that Iran will and does support the fight against terrorism. President Erdogan also told President Raisi that supports Iran’s “legitimate claims in the JCPOA deal” which has been collapsing.

The two leaders, 3 hours ago signed a flurry of bi-lateral agreements including extending the 25 year gas transition agreement. President Erdogan also invited President Raisi to Be a special guest in the opening ceremony of the 2022 Islamic Solidarity Games in August.

Russian President Putin has been received by Iranian President Raisi as of 30 minutes ago. After landing in Tehran an hour ago, he was seen with a clear limp departing his aircraft.

This will be updated with more details from the Russian President.

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