Video of Chinese Tanks Causes an Online Stir

Video of Chinese Tanks Causes an Online Stir



  • Footage of Chinese tanks was taken in Rizhao, Shandong Province, not Henan Province, where localized protests over a banking scandal are taking place
  • No banks in Rizhao were involved in scandal
  • Tanks were filmed on July 17, but had only gone viral recently
  • Movement of military equipment coincided with local exercises

Full Article:

There has been a bit of a stir online over videos showing Chinese military tanks driving around city streets reportedly amid the backdrop of the Henan bank protests. I know everyones’ first thought was [REDACTED] 2.0, right?

Posts such as the one above began to take twitter by storm yesterday, claiming that the tanks were filmed in Henan to counter people protesting over the Henan banking scandal. In short, since April, deposits totaling $1.5 billion at several rural banks in Henan Province have been frozen while withdrawals have also been suspended in an apparent interest repayment scam by the Henan Xincaifu Group, resulting in localized protesting against the banking group. One protest in the Henan capital of Zhengzhou on July 10 resulted in clashes (above).

Confirmation of Hanting Hotel Rizhao is in video.

The footage in question of the tanks was not taken in Henan, but rather in Rizhao City, Shandong province. The building in the background is the Hanting Hotel Rizhao, located at (35.39923, 119.52703), and not a bank as some have claimed. The footage first appeared online on July 18, however, it received little attention until the past 24 hours. France 24 reached out to staff at the Jinjian Hotel, a local hotel close to where the video was taken, who stated that the tanks passed through the city on July 17. This coincides with an announcment by the China Maritime Safety Administration, who stated that military exercises would be going on in the area from July 14- 16.

The announcement of the maritime police in Shandong province reads: “From July 14 to 16, large-scale military activities will be conducted in the area at 36-53.00N122-06.00E?36-07.00N120-54.20E?35-09.00N120-54.20E?35-09.00N123-17.00E?36-38.00N123-17.00E?36-38.00N122-29.00E, and 36-53.00N122-26.00E. Entry will not be allowed.” Via France 24

Make of this what you want, but the information at hand suggests this was a military convoy passing through the city after exercises and is unrelated to the Henan province bank scandal.

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