U.S. to Admit Injured Ukrainian Troops to Military Hospitals in Germany

U.S. to Admit Injured Ukrainian Troops to Military Hospitals in Germany


U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin reportedly approved a memo that allows injured Ukrainian soldiers to be given passage and treatment to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany which the U.S. has historically used to treat wounded soldiers in the Global War on Terror. It is the largest American military hospital outside the continental United States. The hospital is located at Wilson Barracks (German: Kirchberg-Kaserne) in the German town of Landstuhl.

Apparently verbal permission was given in May and an actual memo authorized the transport at the end of June, but no wounded have been treated there yet.

This move is sure to anger the Russian Federation which already views U.S. shipments of weapons as a serious belligerent action. The memo, obtained by CNN reportedly has not been enacted yet, but allows for the transport and treatment of troops.

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