Colombian Drug Trafficking Leader ‘Otoniel’ Calls For Peace Negotiations

Colombian Drug Trafficking Leader ‘Otoniel’ Calls For Peace Negotiations


Ex-Leader of Clan Del Golfo, regarded as Colombia’s largest cocaine trafficking group, Dario Antonio Úsuga David, alias ‘Otoniel’, has called for members of the Clan Del Golfo to stop killing the Colombian police and soldiers. Otoniel has recently been extradited to the US and the statement was released by his US lawyer.  

This statement comes amid reports that Clan Del Golfo had restarted a programme called Plan Pistola, which sees members of the drug trafficking group paid around 5 million pesos ($1,100) for the assassination of police officers. The group has also held national armed strikes where they demonstrate their power taking over cities, where residents are confined to their homes and roads are blocked. One was held specifically in response to the extradition of Otoniel. 

The latter part of Otoniel’s statement encourages the group to engage in peace negotiations with soon to be President Gustavo Petro. Petro won a historic victory in June and is set to become the first left wing President in Colombia later this month. Clan Del Golfo have already shown intent to engage in peace negotiations, when they, and a number of other groups, sent a letter to Petro last month. Petro has stated he has willingness to engage with numerous armed groups in Colombia via negotiations. 


Full translation of statement – “A call to the General Staff of the AGC  to cease activities against the public force in Colombia. No more armed strikes that are harming the civilian population. A call is made to the national government to seek a peace agreement that all Colombians yearn for. ”

Clan Del Golfo is also called AGC (Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia)

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