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Footballer Luis Diaz’s Father Released by ELN

Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) has freed the kidnapped Luis Manuel Diaz, father of Liverpool footballer Luis Diaz. Diaz was taken hostage by the leftist guerilla group on October 28, along with Diaz’s mother Cilenis Marulanda, though she was...

Seven Men Arrested in Antwerp in Potential Cocaine Heist

Last night Belgian police arrested 7 Dutch men and seized three handguns after crashing into a car to stop it in Antwerp. The men, aged 22 to 35 attempted to escape after the attack but were all arrested. Photos...

Lemon Special Forces – CJNG’s New Armed Wing

Numerous videos has been released of a new group of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) called Fuerzas Especiales Limones (FEL) which translates to Lemon Special Forces. Videos of the group began surfacing in September of a new armed...

8 Arrested in Mexico For Manufacturing Drone Explosives

Eight Colombian nationals have been arrested in Michoacan, Mexico for allegedly working on improvised explosive devices for Los Viagras, a local criminal group involved in the drug trade. The Colombians were arrested by state and federal forces who also...

Peace Process Begins Between Colombian State and FARC Dissidents

A ceasefire has been agreed between the Colombian government and the Estado Mayor Central (EMC), the largest faction group of the FARC dissidents who rejected the 2016 peace deal. The ceasefire is set to be put in place on...

Roadblock and Clashes between Criminal Group and Mexican Forces in Michoacan

There are reports of roadblocks in Michoacan, Mexico after a military operation against a criminal group where two cartel ‘monsters’, improvised armoured vehicles, were seized. The criminal group then reportedly seized vehicles from the public and created a roadblock....

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