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Violent Clashes in Jalisco, Mexico

On Tuesday, May 30, violent clashes took place in the municipality of Teocaltiche, Jalisco in Mexico. The clashes resulted in the death of one individual and saw the burning of 15 vehicles. The victim was reportedly a civilian driving...

ELN Announce They Captured Five Fishermen

The ELN, the leftist guerrilla insurgency, has announced that they captured five fishermen who have been missing since May 13 in the municipality of Antioquia, Colombia. The Guerra Darío Ramírez Castro front of the ELN said in a statement,...

Mexican Military Clashes with Civilians in Chiapas

Mexican military forces clashed with civilians in Chiapas after a week of violence. Around 600 Mexican forces were deployed to the Guatemalan border region of Frontera Comalapa to quell the violence which has seen around 3,000 civilians displaced from...

Narco-sub Intercepted in Colombian Waters

The Colombian Navy intercepted a semi-submersible ship that was sailing to Central America with over three thousand kilograms of cannabis. The ship was intercepted early on Friday morning and three Colombian nationals were arrested. The Colombian navy said the...

Colombian Police Killed in Explosive Attack

3 people have been killed and a further 8 injured in an explosive attack in Tibu, Colombia. Two uniformed men and a civilian woman have been confirmed as the victims. An explosive detonated to the side of an on...

Petro Suspends Ceasefire with FARC Dissidents

Colombian President Petro has announced a suspension of the ceasefire with the FARC dissidents following the murder of four children. The FARC dissidents, a fractured group of the FARC who rejected the 2016 peace deal, reportedly forcibly recruited and...

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