Massive Military Mobilization in Eastern China

The Chinese Army Fujian Provincial Military Region has mobilized an estimated 45,000 Peoples Liberation Army Navy and Peoples Liberation Army Rocket Force personnel in and around Fujian city in response to the expected touchdown of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in approximately 5 hours.

The Chinese Eastern Military District has published several videos in the last 24 hours messaging a military response to the visit, as has been messaged by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. The below image shows just one of the dozens of scrambled PLAN vessels, in which the banner reads, “Prepare and fight, bury any enemy that comes.”

The CV-17 Shandong has reportedly been scrambled from scheduled maintenance and has set sail for the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea, where the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group is currently loitering. There have been rumors of a military escort of Mrs. Pelosi’s visit by Japanese, American, and Taiwanese interceptors as F-16s have been spotted over West Taiwan and Taipei City all morning (EST).

In order to bolster the Eastern Sea Fleet’s lack of amphibious assault ships, three Ro-Ro roll on-roll off ships have been spotted sailing towards the Taiwan Strait. Each can carry 1,700 people and 350 trucks. If performing a military transport mission, the China Fuxing ro-ro ship can carry all the armor and technical equipment of 2 to 3 heavy synthetic battalions at one time.

The Chinese Coast Guard has also deployed several ships to the Taiwan Strait including the Patrol Vessel Haixun.

But perhaps the most dramatic demonstration by the PLA has been the deployment of PLA and PLANMC units to embarkation points throughout Fujian, illuminating Chinese TTPs in rapidly deploying amphibious landing forces to the Taiwan Strait.

The PetroChina Oil Depot has halted the sale of gas to civilians in the Shihushan , Huli District, Xiamen in order to support this large scale mobilization and hundreds of flights have been cancelled in Fujian in order to facilitate the live fire test of several air defense and surface to surface strike systems in and around the city. Several batteries of the DF-17 and DF-16 have been spotted on the roads in and around Fujian.

The Taiwanese have  scrambled several squadrons of F-16 and legacy Mirage 2000 platforms. Several Taiwanese vessels have set sail from Zuoying Harbor as a PLAN destroyer, corvette, and signals intelligence ship have been spotted near Orchid Island.

This situation is developing and will be updated.


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Ethan Alun
Ethan Alun
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