Sweden to Send Advisers to Train Ukrainian Troops

From the Swedish Government today:

“The Government has decided that the Swedish Armed Forces will send instructors to the UK to give Ukrainian citizens basic military training to enable them to serve in Ukraine’s armed forces. The aim is to make it possible for Ukraine to maintain and strengthen its defence capabilities.

The initiative to offer basic military training to Ukrainian citizens comes from the UK – the country has invited other partner nations in the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) and Canada to contribute.

The Government has now decided that Sweden will contribute by training Ukrainian soldiers.

Between 12 August and 31 December 2022, the Swedish Armed Forces will send up to 120 instructors to the UK to conduct basic military training for Ukrainian citizens, divided into several training courses.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for over five months, and it’s immensely important that the rest of the world continues to support Ukraine in its fight for sovereignty and self-determination. It’s important that Sweden is part of these efforts, and the Swedish instructors will contribute to strengthening Ukraine’s defence capabilities,” says Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist.

In total, approximately 10 000 Ukrainian citizens are expected take part in the training programme in the UK. A maximum of 60 Swedish instructors will be in the UK simultaneously – this is not expected to have any significant impact on the Swedish Armed Forces’ other activities.”

This is the most significant direct military aid from the newly appointed NATO ally since joining the alliance. While the Swedish government participated in sanctions against the Russian Federation and allowed the sale of arms to Ukraine, the actual direct training of combatants has been primarily reserved to the Americans, British, and Polish advisers. There are an estimated 300 Swedish citizens in Ukraine fighting in the Foreign Legion.

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