Moscow Car Bombing Kills Daughter of Putin Adviser, DPR Blames Ukraine

Moscow Car Bombing Kills Daughter of Putin Adviser, DPR Blames Ukraine


Self Declared Donetsk People’s Republic Leader Denys Pushilin has blamed the killing of Daria Dugin, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, on “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime.”

Alexander Dugin
Daria Dugin

At approximately 1700 EST a car reportedly to be driven by Alexander Dugin, a Russian political philosopher who has been referred to as “Putin’s Brain”, after supposedly laying the ideological and political ground work for the invasion of Ukraine, was blown up by an IED in Bolshie Vyazyomy, Moscow Oblast.

However, once emergency crews arrived, and Alexander Dugin, it was made clear that his daughter was actually driving the car. It is currently unclear who carried out the bombing.




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