U.S. and Iran-Backed Militia Exchange Rocket Fire, Syria

At approximately 1303 EST, several explosions ripped through the U.S. base at the al-Umar oil field (Cononco) in Dhiban, Syria and inside the perimeter of the Green Village. Several sources reported four rockets fell on the U.S. base, but Pro-Iraqi militia telegram pages reported (5) Fajr-1 rockets targeted the US Base. The launches were confirmed by Pro-Iranian militia groups to have come from al-Mayadin near a crowded marketplace where militants carrying rockets were spotted by civilians on the ground.

Almost immediately, counter-battery fires from the US base engaged the launch site near Abdul Munim Riad School, al-Rahbah Castle in al-Mayadin and Saker Island. Two members of Iranian-backed milita were killed and 5 others were wounded. They have been identified as members of the Sheikhoun militia missile unit. It is not currently clear is their strikes injured or killed any U.S. service members, but the group claimed that they have.

Explosions have been ongoing on both sides as of 1450 EST.

This is developing.


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