Muqtada Al-Sadr Announces Full Retirement from Politics

The embattled Shi’ite Muslim cleric who swept Iraqi parliamentary elections earlier this year has announced a full resignation from politics after failing to form an Iraqi government. In June, Sadr withdrew his representatives from parliament and urged his thousands of supporters to protest against what he called corrupt politicians.

Those protests occurred throughout July with the Green Zone and Iraqi Parliament being breached, as this publication covered. Now, with the political struggle still at an impasse, Sadr has completely retired from politics, leaving open only his movement shrine and a few other entities to handle his religious worship designs. This will almost certainly touch off a new era of uncertainty in Iraq as protestors have already taken to the streets. As of 0641 EST, hundreds of protestors have gathered outside the Green Zone in Sadr City, be prepared for a restless day in Baghdad.

The announcement reads below:

This announcement has been followed by a proclamation from the Sadrist Movement, making it illegal to use Sadr’s name and likeliness in political activities since he has retired.

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