North Korea Fires Projectile as VP Harris Visits DMZ

North Korea Fires Projectile as VP Harris Visits DMZ


Update (0841 EST): The Japanese have confirmed that two short range ballistic missiles have been launched, meaning this is now the 36th projectile launch by the North Koreans in 2022.

At 0758 EST South Korea media reported that the South Korean General Staff announced a launch of a North Korean projectile. U.S. Vice President Harris is currently visiting the DMZ along the North and South Korean border. The Japanese government has confirmed that a possible ballistics missile launch resulted in a projectile landing outside of their economic exclusive zone (EEZ).

The last launch was September 28th in which two short range ballistic missiles were fired. This is the 18th launch day of 2022 for a total of 36 projectiles ranging from submarine launch and train launched ballistic missiles, to cruise missiles, to reported hypersonics to ICBMs.

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