Haiti Calls For Foreign Military Assistance as Gang Blocks Main Fuel Terminal

Haiti Calls For Foreign Military Assistance as Gang Blocks Main Fuel Terminal


Haiti has requested foreign military assistance to restore fuel accessibility after a gang blockaded the entrance of the Varreux fuel terminal, which is Haiti’s main fuel terminal and houses 70 percent the country’s fuel reserves. This comes as Haiti continues to face security instability amid shortages of food, fuel, electricity, and water, as well as a cholera outbreak.

In a statement to CNN, Jean-Junior Joseph, advisor to Haiti’s Prime Minister, stated “After serious reflections, facing a dire humanitarian crisis in Haiti, where hospitals are not having enough energy to function, cholera is back inside the shanties, it was decided in the Council of Ministers last night, October 7th to request military assistance from the international community to deal with such unbelievable humanitarian crisis.”

It remains unclear which countries they would ask for assistance from or if this would be a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

In September, the G9 gang, lead by Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizie, set up a blockade at the entrance of the Varreux fuel terminal in Port-au-Prince, which is in an alleged protest towards acting Prime Minister and President Ariel Henry. According to Reuters, Chérizie stated that “We are sending this message to Ariel Henry: ‘Resign. Resign to give the country a chance’. For the moment, you are the one executing the plan to destroy the Haitian people. We are removing you because of that.”

In response to the blockade, Ulrika Richardson, the UN Deputy Special Representative of Haiti, called “for a humanitarian corridor to be established for fuel to flow into the city and into the rest of the country so that we can ensure our response. Without fuel, there is no clean water. Without clean water, there will be more cases and very difficult to contain this outbreak.”

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