“Kamikaze Drones” Reportedly Strike Kyiv

“Kamikaze Drones” Reportedly Strike Kyiv


Multiple explosions were heard across central Kyiv this morning. Videos circulating over the past hours appear to show military drones as the cause. The head of the Ukrainian president’s office, Andrii Yermak wrote on Telegram, “Explosions in Kyiv. The capital was attacked by kamikaze drones. Russians think it will help them, but such actions are like agony. We need more air defense systems and as soon as possible. We have no time for slow actions. More weapons to defend the sky and destroy the enemy. So be it.”


Reportedly, Kyiv this morning after the attack.


Several residential buildings are said to be damaged. However, there has yet to be news on any causalities.


Russian forces carried out these strikes likely with the Iranian made HESA Shahed 136, an aerial drone used by the Russians since September of this year.

Multiple Iranian HESA Shahed 136.