Russian-Occupied Kherson Administration Flees, Mandates Evacuation

Russian-appointed Kherson Oblast Governor Saldo has expanded a mandatory evacuation zone that now encompasses 15km from the banks of the Dnieper River in both direction. This zone also includes the settlements of Kakhovka, Oleshky, Hola Prystan (which was already ordered to evacuate), and Hornostaivka. These areas cover approximately 20,000 Ukrainian civilians, many of who declined to evacuate during voluntary evacuation period that has spanned the last month.

Russian officials have claimed more than 70,000 Ukrainian civilians have fled across the Dnieper, further into Russian-occupied territory. It is not currently clear how or if the Russian Ministry of Defense will enforce this evacuation against the will of pro-Ukrainian civilians who refuse to leave their homes.

The officials message from the Russian-Occupied Kherson Administration reads:

“To all residents! Immediately leave the settlement. Your life is in danger. A high level of military threat is expected. Evacuation is carried out in an organized manner by road. Head to the evacuation points. Take documents, money, valuables and warm clothes. Compulsory evacuation measures will be applied from November 6 to the rest.”

The Ukrainian General Staff also made this statement today:”The occupiers continue to forcibly relocate the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. The enemy is resorting to intimidation of civilian residents, spreading information about the possible undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP dam. At the same time, the local population is deprived of means of communication.”

The Russian occupation administration of Kherson was moved to the city of Skadovsk.” Skadovsk is located approximately 50km South of Kherson city on the shores of the Black Sea.


This evacuation comes more than three weeks after reports that Russian-appointed Kherson administrator Stremousov fled to Voronezh. He is currently wanted by the Ukrainian government for treason by supporting the Russian occupation during the February invasion.

A single post made today by a Russian military blogger claimed that Russian Ground Forces were preparing for the evacuation of Kherson by the end of this week. However, it is not currently clear if the decision has been made to abandon the city and reinforce along the banks of the Dnieper or fight for the strategic city. Confirmed reporting shows 1,000 mobilized troops were sent to the city and fortifications are being hardened, alluding to the decision to fight.



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