Ukrainian Forces Assault Svatove, Luhansk

Ukrainian Forces Assault Svatove, Luhansk


In the last 24 hours significant frequency and quality of reporting has indicated that Ukrainian Ground Forces are conducting infantry assaults against the Russian garrison at Svatove, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.

On 06NOV22, several reports of Ukrainian HIMARS strikes in Svatove and Miluvatka preceded reports of Ukrainian infantry advances. The Ukrainian General Staff claimed: “The destruction of ammunition warehouses of the occupiers on November 5-6 in the settlements of Horlivka in the Donetsk region and Svatov in the Luhansk region was also confirmed.” This reporting seems to match what pro-Russian sources that claimed similar strikes.

Units of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade have been conducting squad and platoon sized attacks on Russian positions along the forward line of troops. Ukrainian Luhansk Governor Haidai claimed on his social media that Ukrainian infantry were advancing rapidly, however, pro-Russian sources claimed that Ukrainian assaults are putting pressure, but have not resulted in serious breaches: “FAN military commander Sergei Sreda visited the first line of defense of Russian troops near Svatove. The Ukrainian army is increasing pressure on the defenders of Donbass, but our fighters find ways to hide their positions in order to avoid enemy shells and drones.”

However, an interesting report has emerged in the last two hours claiming that 200 mobilized Russian troops have deserted their posts in the vicinity of Svatove:

“From the military registration and enlistment office, the mobilized were sent to the 423rd guards motorized rifle Yampolsky regiment of the city of Naro-Fominsk, military unit 91701. After arriving there, some of the mobilized were sent to the front line, some – to the Belgorod region. Valuyki (forest belt) to the camp. They fired three times. (Considers accelerated military training). On 10/14/22, the mobilized were sent to the Luhansk region with. Kolomyychikha, Svatovsky district, to the front line. On 10/30/22, after getting in touch, the mobilized reported that they had been on the front line for 17 days without command personnel, ammunition, and without allowances. 10/28/22 Active operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with artillery, drones, tanks, etc. began. On 11/01/22 at 04:00, the mobilized decided to evacuate without command and without ammunition to the city of Svatovo. Having passed the first checkpoint in a state of confusion and fatigue, and even a state of hunger, those mobilized at the second checkpoint were not allowed into the city of Svatovo. General Lugovoi and Colonel Rumyantsev spoke to them. Having said that the lack of weapons, ammunition and other allowances is none of their business. They were sent back to the front lines. At the moment, in the forest belt are up to 200 people. Came for today command and threatened if they don’t go to the front line, then a car arrives for transportation to the pre-trial detention center, but before the pre-trial detention center with a car that then it will happen. That’s what they say.”

Ukrainian social media users on VK have reported that up to 20 of these men have already been taken prisoner.


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