Ukrainians Seize Snihurivka, Attack from Duchandy

The Ukrainian flag was raised over the Western part of Snihurivka, Mykolaiv Oblast today as Ukrainian troops continue to make gains in the settlement against the Russian 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade.

Several dozen reports have indicated that anywhere from complete withdrawal to significant tactical losses on the Russian side have mounted in the last three hours. Three separate Russian war correspondents in the area have either claimed that Russian forces have been defeated, “the situation is very hard”, or the Russian Ministry of Defense has lost contact with the force there.

In addition to this reporting, pro-Russian sources have indicated that Ukrainian Armed Forces have launched a significant assault down the Dnieper River from Duchandy:

“Reports coming in of a Ukrainian attack from Duchandy as well, along the banks of the Dnieper.

“At 06:00 on November 9, the consolidated assault groups of the 60th Opbr, 128th Guards Rifle Brigade, reinforced by armored vehicles of the 17th Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, resumed their offensive at the Polyanka-Dudchany line at the Berislav sector.

The self-propelled artillery battery of the 60th infantry brigade provides fire support to the strike force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the position area north of the village of Dudchany.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to gain a foothold on a stronghold southwest of the village, however, minefields and counterattacks of the RF Armed Forces did not allow building on success. One of the companies of the 17th brigade refused to go into battle. Now Ukrainian sappers are demining the area. To the north of Dudchan, the formation of the second echelon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, led by the 9th consolidated battalion of the territorial defense, and the creation of fortifications are underway. “-Rozhin

Map from Rybar.

Ukrainian Mykolaiv Governor Kim has alluded to these actions being part of a “larger plan that will be released later”, indicating this is the start of a fresh Oblast wide counterattack to retake Kherson city. These announcements, with the death of deputy Governor Stremousov, do not bode well for the 20,000 or so Russian troops defending the key city. An announcement from the Russian-appointed civil administration is expected to be given in the next three hours. However, several pro-Russian sources have alluded to an expected announcement that the city will be abandoned on the Ukrainian side of the Dnieper.

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