Russia Fires More Than 85 Missiles into Ukraine, Almost Matching February 24th Numbers

Russia Fires More Than 85 Missiles into Ukraine, Almost Matching February 24th Numbers


The Ukrainian Air Force has told press that more than eighty five air-launched cruise missiles and Kalibr cruise missiles were launched from long range aviation (LRA) and Black Sea Fleet surface and sub-surface combatants today. On February 24th, the initial day of the Russian invasion, their Armed Forces launched about one hundred cruise missiles against Ukrainian air defense systems. However, today’s strikes carried out a much more sinister objective, to neutralize the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Missiles struck civilian energy infrastructure and residences throughout Ukraine with the most severe strikes being in Kyiv, Chrasky, Mykolaiv, Kryvyi Rih, Odessa, Kharkiv, and Lyiv.

Since the strikes began at approximately 0900 EST, major disruptions to the Ukrainian energy grid have been registered. Rolling power outages and suspension of subway services have bene recorded in Kyiv. Internet disruptions have been recorded across the entire country with only 67% of users having unfettered access.

Ukrainian energy operator Ukrenergo confirmed that emergency power had to be introduced across the entire nation due to infrastructure failure. Ukrainian Presidential Office Deputy Head Tymoshenko told press that “the situation is critical” as that emergency power had to be severely throttled due to the potential for collapse of the emergency energy grid. Ukrainian energy company DTEK also registered severe power outages throughout Kyiv Oblast.

Lyiv Mayor Sadovyi also told press that heat and hot water supply has been shutdown throughout the city. He also said that public transport had been suspended and at least one person was injured.

This method of targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure is a desperate attempt by the Russians to influence the Ukrainian citizenry through making this Winter a painful as possible. By targeting the energy grid, Ukrainian citizens will be unable to heat their homes, travel to work, and provide basic services. This will have second and third order effects on the international community which relies on Ukrainian foodstuff through the Black Sea Corridor. The Russian Federation is hoping this pressure will force Ukraine’s allies to pressure Zelensky to the negotiating table. Below are his remarks on today’s strikes.






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