Chechen Police Officer Stabbed to Death in IS Inspired Attack

Chechen Police Officer Stabbed to Death in IS Inspired Attack


A Chechen police officer was fatally stabbed in Grozny on Monday in what appears to be an Islamic State inspired attack.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov reported to his Telegram channel that the officer was stabbed to death when he performing Wudu, which is a form of ablution in Islamic religion, in a prayer room at a local mosque in Grozny. Some local sources indicated that the suspect, identified as Movsar Zakriev, 22, took the officers service weapon and opened fire on other officers who were outside. Kadyrov said the the suspect was ultimately killed when he attempted to flee the scene.

Zakriev reportedly released an audio message before the stabbing where he called for attacks against enemies of the Islamic State that was targeted towards Kadyrov’s government. I have not been able to locate the recording, which was purportedly posted to Telegram. Kadyrov said that authorities believe this was an isolated, lone wolf attack.

Will try to post an update if more information becomes available.

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