IRGC-Controlled Fars News Website Hacked

IRGC-Controlled Fars News Website Hacked


The Iranian anti-government group “Black Reward” has claimed responsibility for hacking the IRGC-controlled Fars News Agency.

In a message that appears when you attempt to access the Fars website, the hacker group states “For many years, the wage earners of the Fars Sludge Dispersal Company have been thinking that no one is protecting them and they are going to the gas table for themselves, but the false illusion of spreading lies, spreading rumors, making cases against the people of Iran, and writing, has a heavy price. Especially when the truth becomes clear, the curtains fall and the lowly nature of these wage earners is revealed to everyone.”

“Most of the black deeds letter of each and every official employee and unofficial collaborators of Lajne Parkani Company, Fars is in our possession today with full details and this warning to  We give other rations to the army and mullahs who are waiting for dark and difficult days. We will come to each one of you.”

The group also says that it has downloaded nearly 250 terabytes of data that includes “confidential news bulletins sent to the leadership and the army,” as well as “faxes, recorded calls, information on internal portals related to administrative conversations and news folders, image archives, as well as financial professors.” The group also claims that it has wiped all of this data from Fars computers.

The message ended with “For woman, life, freedom for #Mehsa_Amini Black Reward.”

Black Reward has been known for targeting Iranian government or government linked agencies. Just last month, the group hacked the Iranian Atomic Energy Production and Development Company and obtained emails and data regarding nuclear operations. The group carries out hackings in support of anti-government protests and to pressure the Iranian government to release political prisoners.

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