Ukrainian Intelligence Dismisses Belarusian Invasion

Ukrainian Intelligence Dismisses Belarusian Invasion


According to Andrei Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the threat of invasion by the military of Belarus is an Information Operation campaign by the Russian Federation to disrupt Ukrainian military preparations.

The Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate believes that an attempt by Belarus to enter the war against Ukraine would be suicidal for the Lukashenko regime considering internal strife within the military and threat of Western intervention.

Yusov explained that such fakes are beneficial for the Russian Federation, and this is how the aggressor country is trying to scare the Ukrainians.

He said; “Information-psychological special operations very often pursue several goals at the same time. And in this case, we see different goals, that is, on the one hand, to sow panic among the population, among Ukrainians, including residents of border areas and regions.”

He added: “We are not saying that there is no threat from the Lukashenko regime. There is, and Lukashenko is helping Putin with weapons, ammunition, and armored vehicles. He provides his airspace for attacks on Ukraine, but to talk about what will happen in the near future full-scale invasion and involvement of Belarus in a ground operation, today we cannot.”

This report comes off the heels of a suspected 7,000 Russian troops being sent to Belarus which so far have been participating in readiness drills in the new Belarusian Grouping of Forces. However, it is not clear that these troops have been adequately supplied for a major offensive into Northern Ukraine.


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