Ukrainian Forces Reportedly Breakthrough Near Kreminna, Luhansk

Approximately six hours ago the Russian Ministry of Defense began publicly signaling that Ukrainian infantry assaults were being repulsed in the vicinity of Chervonopopivka on P-88, the main supply route that runs North-South through the Russian stronghold of Kreminna. That fortification was established after the fall of Lyman on October 2nd, 2022.

However, that reporting by the Russian MoD seems to be refuted by Russian war correspondents from the WarGonzo Project who just announced that Ukrainian troops, approximately 1,000 of them made tactical gains at the settlement and cut off Kreminna and Svatove to the North. The reporting reads below:

”Summary from the battalion commander of the “Russian Legion” (BARS-13) “Fomich” especially for the @wargonzo project:

As expected, the situation around the city of Kremennaya sharply escalated precisely in those sectors where the enemy had been most active in recent days. By introducing additional forces into the battle, today the enemy has managed to achieve limited success so far, both on the line of clashes in the forest area south of Kremennaya and south-west of Chervonopopovka, reaching its outskirts. South of Kremennaya, the enemy used cluster munitions.

Active hostilities are going on along the entire front line in the area of the city of Kremennaya and in the area of \u200b\u200bthe route connecting Kremennaya with Svatovo. Apparently, the enemy will continue to put pressure on this sector of the front with all the forces at his disposal, seeking to build on his current success.“

Ukrainian Luhansk Governor Haidai also followed up to this reporting by stating: “Ukrainian Armed Forces are only a few kilometers from Kreminna”, a major operational goal as the Ukrainians seek to push back to Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, thus relieving the beleaguered garrison at Bakhmut.

Ukrainian units that have been fighting along P-88 include: 214th Rifle Battalion, 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade, 81st Airmobile Brigade.

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