US CENTCOM Says Two ISIS Officials Killed in Syrian Raid by American Forces

US CENTCOM Says Two ISIS Officials Killed in Syrian Raid by American Forces


The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has announced that an early morning American helicopter raid on December 11 in eastern Syria resulted in the deaths of two high ranking Islamic State militants.

In a press brief, CENTCOM stated that one of the targets was a militant referred to as “Anas,” who is said to have been “an ISIS Syria Province Official who was involved in the group’s deadly plotting and facilitation operations in eastern Syria.” CENTCOM also reported that initial assessments suggest no civilians were killed or wounded during the operation.

The briefing went on to add that “The United States remains committed to countering the global threat from ISIS in partnership with local forces. ISIS continues to pursue an aggressive operational agenda, including external attacks that threaten US allies and partners in the region and beyond.”

A lot of specifics around the operation remain unknown, such as where exactly it was carried out, what units were involved, and who the other target was.

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