Gas Restored to Artsakh, Blockade Remains

After cutting it off for two days, Azerbaijan has restored the flow of gas into Artsakh. This stifles fears that people would have to ration gas and electricity as the region delves deeper into winter.

However, it seems the region will not be getting away so easy as a blockade of the sole road connecting Armenia and Artsakh continues, heading into it’s 5th day. The Lachin Corridor’s blockage has resulted in an estimated 1100 people being stranded on the highway. Several hospital patients supposed to be transported to Yerevan are also presently stuck in Artsakh hospitals. Yerevan has better accommodations in regards to medical ability, and therefore transport is necessary to continue treatment for certain patients, and perform certain surgeries. Hospitals are already having to dip into medicinal reserves, which are not very large.

While presently Artsakh is not facing shortages of food, medicine, or other necessities, if the blockade continues they worry they will have to begin rationing the essentials.