Wagner Group Claims Complete Control of Soledar, Fighting Continues in Western Edges of City

Wagner Group Claims Complete Control of Soledar, Fighting Continues in Western Edges of City


Grey Zone, the semi-official media arm of Wagner Group, announced on Thursday that the city of Soledar, Donetsk, was “completely cleared,” calling its capture “one of the most successful offensive operations in recent times. In a post to its Telegram channel, Grey Zone noted that “Ukrainian formations defending in Soledar tried to hold it until the last moment, providing tough resistance to advancing PMC units.”

Ukrainian forces who remain at the city have reported that the situation remains critical. The Telegram channel of the 46th Brigade has reported that units are largely fighting independently as communications capabilities have deteriorated. They also said that they were supposed to have retreated, but haven’t, adding that they are sleep deprived and under constant fire. Heavy casualties have been reported.

While fighting persists in far western areas of the city, Geolocated footage shows how far Wagner has advanced:

  1. Geolocated footage shows Wagner PMCs walking amongst a residential area in the North West of the city. (Here)

2. Geolocated footage shows Wagner PMCs walking around a sports complex in the western part of the city. (Here)

3. Geolocated footage shows Wagner PMCs at the city’s administrative building. (Here)

4. Footage of Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin somewhere inside the Soledar Salt Mine. (Here)

5. Geolocated footage shows Wagner PMCs in far western sections of the city. (Here)

The only parts of Soledar that remain under Ukrainian control are the train yard to the north west and a mixed residential/ industrial area to the west. Ukrainian leadership continues to insist that that city has not been fully captured and that Ukrainian resistance is keeping up a fight. The complete loss of Soledar will mark a major propaganda win for Russia, as well as open up a northern flank against the key city of Bakhmut. The loss of Soledar will also cut off a key road heading north to Siversk, which has been used to transport reinforcements and supplies.

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