Israel Used Explosive Drones to Attack Military Factory in Iran

Israel Used Explosive Drones to Attack Military Factory in Iran


A day after Israel carried out strikes targeting an Iranian military factory in Isfahan, state-media released photos of drone debris recovered from the site, suggesting that covert Israeli units used explosive-laden drones to carry out the operation.

While I was not able to identify the drone’s exact model, the parts shown in the debris are consistent with commercially available models of heavy lift drones normally used for industrial and agricultural use. The drone components look strikingly similar to explosive-laden Israeli attack drones downed by Hezbollah in Lebanon over two years ago (pictured below). What is important to note is that these drones have a limited range and attacked a city in central Iran, meaning that covert Israeli teams were operating in the immediate area to launch the drones.

Lebanese Minister of Defense Elias Bou Saab shows the box that he alleged carried explosives in a captured drone that fell over a southern Beirut suburb as he speaks during a press conference in the Ministry of Defense in Yarze, on September 19, 2019. (JOSEPH EID / AFP)

The targeted facility also appears to have sustained relatively light damage due to protective cages that covered the roof. This has been a common protective measure against explosive drones that we have seen in recent years, which act similarly to slat armor to prevent blasts directly on the target.

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