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Former US Marine Killed in Bakhmut While Evacuating Civilians

Former US Marine Killed in Bakhmut While Evacuating Civilians


According to emerging reports, former US Marine Peter Reed was killed yesterday while working in Bakhmut to evacuate civilians when the vehicle he and his team were traveling in was hit by Russian artillery.

Ukrainian sources claim that Peter was the only one killed while five others were seriously injured.

After looking into this, on the Ukraine subreddit, I found a post asking for help finding Peter.

The person who made the post claims to be Peter’s brother.

The Reddit post made by Peter’s brother.

In the past ten hours, a video claiming to show the aftermath of the artillery barrage which hit the evacuation team began making the rounds on Ukrainian Telegram.

Out of respect, I will only show a screenshot of the vehicle itself as the full video does show a body on the side of the road.

Peter founded Global Response Medicine, an international NGO that provides medical care in high-risk areas.

Photo from footage.


Updates will follow as more information comes.

As someone who worked in Ukraine as journalist and went to Bakhmut this past summer, writing this article was saddening.

Having rode along the front line in Ukraine with humanitarian volunteers to document their work, I have deep respect for them.

The selflessness of foreign volunteers like Peter is more than admirable.

These foreign volunteers leave the safety of their homes and go help others in a place where they have no friends, no family, and no personal connections.

A place where impartial artillery maims and kills.



The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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