US Military Provides January Recap on Counter-ISIS Operations in Iraq and Syria

US Military Provides January Recap on Counter-ISIS Operations in Iraq and Syria


The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has reported that in the month of January, dozens of partnered operations were carried out in which 11 ISIS militants were killed and over 200 were captured.


  • 33 operations
  • 9 militants killed
  • 29 militants captured


  • 10 operations
  • 2 militants killed
  • 198 militants captured

CENTCOM Commander Michael “Erik” Kurilla stated that “While our efforts have degraded ISI, the group’s vile ideology remains uncontained and unconstrained. ISIS continues to represent a threat to not only Iraq and Syria, but to the stability and security of the region. Therefore, we must continue the fight against ISI alongside our partners.”

“We rely heavily on the Syrian Democratic Forces for the fight against ISIS. Meanwhile, our Iraqi Security Forces have been aggressively taking the fight to ISIS in Iraq,” Kurilla added.

One of the most important operations that was carried out last month was the January 18 helicopter raid, backed by Kurdish SDF forces, that resulted in the capture of an “ISIS Syrian provincial media and security operative” in eastern Syria. According to CENTCOM, the unnamed militant “was involved in the planning and facilitation of ISIS operations in and outside of the region as well as global recruiting efforts.”

Likewise, a joint operation between SDF and Coalition forces, code named “Operation al-Jazeera Thunderbolt,” resulted in the capture of “more than 170 ISIS operatives, hundreds of weapons, and ISIS supply and logistical materials” in the Jazira region of Syria.

A statement released by Combined Special Operations Joint Task Force (SOJTF)- Levant stated that approximately 1,000 Kurdish fighters from the SDF, including members from their Asayish (Internal Security Forces), took part in operations that saw “150 raids and 40 village clearances” in the areas surrounding Tel Hams, Tel Barak, and Al-Hol.

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